Iakhin Viacheslav
Co-founder and Art Director
Tetiana Ostrogliad
Dmitriev Sergey
Service manager
Our team gathered true aesthetes, connoisseurs of harmony and beauty, stylists with many years of experience and irresistible passion for their work.

Inspired by the traditions of the best brands, we have created a space of a unique atmosphere where professionalism and creativity are combined in harmony with the needs of each guest.

Our specialists masterfully mix experience, professionalism, and excellent taste. They exercise trending techniques and are very mindful of the time and desires of the client.

Our team is always ready to respond to and bring to life your bravest and most incredible ideas. After all, every specialist of MATERIA has a flair and the ability to listen. The salon is open for you from early morning and till late in the evening.
Privacy and safety

Our space has a strict confidentiality policy. This is an integral part of the work of our team. Your safety and comfort during your visit are our priority.
Professional cosmetics

The entire palette of hair- and skin-care products was selected scrupulously. We have picked the best brands, testing each product individually. (it will be possible to add details here to utilize the facts: what kind of cosmetics, its specific features).
Style from the heart and special atmosphere

The interior design skillfully combines classical style and modernism.

The founders of the salon uphold the best traditions of renowned brands and professionals, complementing them with the consideration of innovative trends and progressive approaches, creating a unique beauty space.

During the development of MATERIA's design, there was a profound discussion about style. As a result, the team has settled on eclecticism.

"When combining the eternal classics with modern, relevance becomes essential.

Schematically, the room was quite sophisticated, so while drafting a project for its design, we had to alter the elements' placement multiple times and shift the emphasis iteratively. MATERIA turned out to be a refined, sublime, and at the same time cozy and welcoming space. The right balance of styles helped create a place of beauty in which it is so pleasant to work and be served. I want to experience this atmosphere again and again," Sergey says.

"Just as a sculptor grinds an image he's seen from a stone, so I do with the hair: remove the excess, add the necessary, creating something unique and harmonious. Each person can be a creator if they have found and are acting on their calling. I am happy because I help people to open up, make them beautiful and expressive, emphasizing their individuality", Viacheslav Iakhin says.
We are always open to cooperation and will gladly give talented professionals the opportunity to join our team.

Are you a fan of your job, unafraid to dream and build an incredible future? Then write to us asap.

Send your resume via TELEGRAM to: +380 96 727 07 37
Riabovol Polina
Levshina Marina
Magdich Marina
Nail art designer
Anna Donskaya
Nail art designer
Klimenko Alexander
Kotenok Ruslan