Wamiles Biocell Vitalizer

Amino Acid Serum Biocell Vitalizer, 38 ml

The Biocell Vitalizer serum is formulated based on an effective rejuvenating extract from the Japanese apricot plant. The serum's components are encapsulated under high pressure to enhance their effectiveness. With just a drop of Wamiles Biocell Vitalizer, you can feel superb skin rejuvenation that lasts a long time.

The name itself contains the primary purpose: "bio" - life, "cell" - cell, "vitalize" - revitalization.

The amino acid serum is capable of:
- Smoothing out skin folds and even deep wrinkles
- Addressing pigmentation and gently whitening the skin
- Revitalizing cellular activity
- Reducing signs of fatigue

- Fermented Japanese apricot extract
- Rich array of amino acids optimizing metabolic processes
- Low-molecular-weight hyaluronic acid
- Balanced set of easily absorbable vitamins A/B/C/E
- Key elements boosting the activity of intracellular processes
- Components for the revitalization of each cell
- Ingredients strengthening and enhancing natural immunity.